Useful Resources

Gateway Women

Gateway Women is an organisation founded by Jody Day set up to support, inspire and empower childless women. It is aimed at both those still hoping to have a family and those coming to terms with a life without children.

Beyond Childlessness

Written by Rachael Black and Louise Scull. As the caption for this book suggests, this book was written for every women who ever wanted to have a child and didn’t.

I found this book to be extremely helpful. Below is a website address linked to the writers and the book. I’ve heard Rachael speaking at an event organised by MoreToLife (see below) and I thought she was very good. She is UK based and runs therapeutic groups for women who are coming to terms with childlessness. You can make contact with her through the link below.

More to Life

UK based organisation providing support and information to people who are childfree not by choice (not just those who have been through fertility treatment, as the name suggests.

The Spinsterlicious Life

An American blog / website on the theme of being happy, single and without children. The author is Eleanore Wells…she’s feisty or opinionated, depending on your point of view. Not to everyone’s taste, but some may find her refreshingly frank, and inspiring even!

Childfree Women in UK and Ireland

This is a new independent social network where happily childfree women in the UK and Ireland can make friends both locally and nationally. It is free to join and use and is aimed at women who are happily childfree, whether by choice or circumstance.