Interview on Ireland AM


Here is a link for an interview on Ireland AM with myself and Jenny Barrett on the subject of life without children.

As I mentioned on the show, I am doing some research on the experiences of childfree women who are living solo and over 55 (this includes always single, separated, divorced, or in a relationship but not co-habiting). The purpose of the research is to explore both the challenges and opportunities of living solo. Up to now, there has been very little attention given to the interests and concerns of older women who are living solo in Ireland. I hope that the research will create more visibility and awareness of the issues that matter to older solo women. I also believe that the sharing of knowledge and experience will be of benefit to younger women, many of whom have questions around how to survive, adapt and thrive as they themselves age. Participation requires an interview, one to one with me, which would take about one hour. All of the information gathered in the interviews will be kept confidential and anonymous. This is part of a bigger research project which is taking place in the UK.


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