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Anna Coogan from the Herald put together a feature piece on different perspectives on life without children. I was delighted to be asked to contribute..great to see different points of view represented! Is it just me or is the tide turning? Feels like we are starting to see more in the print media in Ireland. Well done Anna and the Herald!



1 thought on “Herald.ie – Lifestyle Feature

  1. Eileen, a thousand thanks or putting words to the feelings I have not been able to express. I feel somewhat liberated from the heartbreaking emotions of being childless. At least my emmotions have been given a voice so thank you. While I am not childfree as I have so much connection and love to share with my nephews, nieces, and now their children and also my friends children I do feel the loss of never having children of my own. I have shared in other children’s joys and sorrows and celebrations of those special events, the births, the birthdays, holy communions, confirmations, weddings, births, and the cycle goes on. It’s also a costly non refundable relationship when you are childless. All those events have a price for the gift to mark that special occassion and they add up. There is no return for the childless aunt and friend when you have no children to be on the receiving end for special occassions. I don’t want to sound mean but there is probably no avoiding it when I say that at times it feels as if it is all one way – give, give, give….. and I have the worry of the dreaded will, what to give to whom. There seems to be so many to share my debt with. Working out the most equitable and fair way seems unachievable. Any suggestions?
    I am in my mid fifties when you would expect I would have reached a level of acceptance of my state and yet, I am still trying to work out what my real purpose in life is as I have not purposefully designed to not have children of my own. I will always be grateful for how my family and friends have willinging shared their children with me and the fun we have. Thank you guys!

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